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Trellis Panels

Often privacy is required in a garden and adding trellis panels are the perfect solution. They are all manufactured from pressure treated timber and are typically 180cm in length but can vary in width from 30cm up to a 180cm square panel.

The size variation allows for greater flexibility making it easy to find the correct size. The size gaps in the decorative panel is also an important consideration, and the most popular within the Forest Garden range is the privacy design. This is presented in a diagonal lattice pattern with a 20mm gap, which works perfectly when used as screening or for a wind protective barrier. The narrow width options can also be used to create extra height on the top of existing fencing to create more screening. Climbing plants such as clematis are perfect for growing up against this style as the close gaps are just big enough for the fleshy plants survive and eventually provide an even greater green screen.

Classic square trellice is often referred to as heavy duty lattice panels, which comes in a selection of widths. This style with wider gaps is perfect for planting woody climbers such as roses, as the timbers are more robust and allow for greater stem width. The Forest Garden pressure treated Rosemore and the Hidcote ranges are all manufactured with a rebated frame adding to the durability. It's important to note that all trellis are sold with a minimum order of 3 panels.

If you require even more screening, you may be interested in the complete fencing collection, which includes a selection of fencing panels with trellis incorporated into the design.

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