Garden Tree Seats

A tree seat is designed to fit seamlessly around almost any tree in your garden and provide a feature seating area for relaxing with natural canopy shade. A towering tree can feel almost overwhelming in some garden areas and take away from valuable entertaining space. A tree seat can help you turn an area lost to a wide tree into a natural, shady seating area perfect for entertaining friends. Most seats will easily accommodate six or more adults, and you can use a pair of outdoor cushions to make your cool new garden space even cosier.

Norlog Tree are cleverly designed tree seats that fit together by interlocking pre-cut timbers without the need for nails and screws. Once constructed, they double as attractive wooden planters, perfect for surrounding your tree and seating area with bright perennials. The raised planters rest discreetly behind the wooden benches and wrap entirely around the tree, giving your tree seating area a natural look.

Bracken Style tree seats are one of the few manufacturers specialising in Teak tree seats. Bracken Style tree seats have comfortable high seat backs and benches with a fully circular shape that wrap continuously around your favourite garden tree. Full round tree seats are the most popular option, but there are also half round tree seats. The teak wood can be treated with oil annually to maintain its natural colour, or you can let it weather into a lovely silver-grey patina.

Zest 4 Leisure tree seat planters have a unique square look that make a great centrepiece for your garden. These tree seats can wrap around an existing tree, or you can use the central planting box as a deep planter for smaller ornamental trees, which will allow for adequate future growth.

Gablemere tree seats are the best option for metal tree seats. These hardwearing steel seats have a rustic bronze finish that gives them the look and feel of wrought iron. The sleek metal frames blend in surprisingly well into garden spaces and can feel less imposing in a small space than a bigger wooden seat.

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