Shade Sails

Providing shade and protection from the sun is important, and adding a sail to your garden is a simple solution. They can be hung from walls or posts and need to be tensioned with a turnbuckle fixing.

Once under tension it will provide ample shade, which can extend to cover a whole patio. Sails are manufactured from a specialist woven material, developed in Australia, which prevents around 90% UV rays from passing through. Although they are often used at residential homes, they are also perfect for use commercially, for example, at schools for shading children's outdoor play areas or hospitals for outdoor patient areas. Adding a quick release shackle on one of the fixings is important, as if it becomes stormy it is best to reduce the tension to prevent damage. The triangular 3.6m and 5m shade sails are the most popular, and square designs are also available.

If you are interested in more options to provide shade in the garden then check out our cantilever parasol selection, as these come in square or round shapes up to 4m. They also come with a protective 50+ UV sun filter canopy and are a great alternative if fixing a sail isn't an option.

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