Asian & Japanese Garden Ornaments

Japanese or Asian styled garden ornaments and statues often form part of Japanese gardens and help replicate the Zen style of minimalist gardening. Create a miniature stylised landscape with carefully positioned rocks, mosses, pruned trees, and dry gavel, raked to represent water ripples.

Within this type of garden will often be statues or sculptures of buddhas, warriors, pagodas, snow lanterns, and even Buddhist monks. This new collection of marble Dinova Japanese ornaments demonstrate a high quality due to the fine detail and the realistic interpretation. They are manufactured in marble and resin, by expert craftsmen in the far east. Buddha heads come in three sizes ranging from 70cm high down to just 23cm, so there will be a size suitable for even the smallest Zen gardens.

Japanese garden pedestal lanterns serve as a popular ornamental feature in modern Asian gardens. They are usually positioned at the entrance, and they typically have hexagonal or octagonal roofs that have a tall appearance. The smaller ornamental stone lanterns are generally positioned amongst the planting and can be sometimes referred to as buried lanterns. The entire structure of these lanterns is made from marble and resin, making even the smaller versions weighty enough to be stable.

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