Contemporary Garden Statues & Sculptures

A garden statue or sculpture is any stationary figure that adds aesthetic value to your space, and they make excellent focal points and conversation pieces. Whether you're looking for a traditional figure or a modern masterpiece, a long-lasting garden sculpture is a great way to add a finishing touch that will inspire you for a lifetime. Place a statue prominently to make a monumental statement or tuck one away in a cosy corner of your garden for quiet reflection.

The highest quality garden statues are typically made from stone, but there are several other materials commonly used including cast metals, resin, and even cement, giving you a wide range of options for your garden art. Many statues can work equally well for an indoor alcove, but all of our statues are built to last in the outdoors and will make treasured keepsakes for later generations.

  • Stone statues have a place in any garden and Haddonstone sculptures make an excellent choice. They are made from Portland or Bath stone quarried right here in the UK at East Haddon. Each one is made to order, so it will take up to 28 days to complete your order, but these works of art will last a lifetime and are well-worth the wait. Outdoors, these statues develop a fine patina over time, adding to their long-term appeal. Haddonstone statues really stand out atop a plinth or column and can make a beautiful feature in your garden.
  • Melmar Stone statues are another great choice for art that ages well. These statues are made from cement poured through a mould, so they resemble a stone sculpture with fine detail. They make an incredibly realistic and affordable alternative to stone.
  • Resin statues are popular for both affordability and for being lighter weight than traditional stone sculpture. Resin statues can be made to resemble stone or even cast or bronze metal, and they are a little easier to move around in your garden if you need time to find the perfect placement. Solstice Sculptures creations range from classical to contemporary, including Buddha heads and other Asian-inspired statuettes that will leave a big impression on your garden.
  • Metal sculptures cast in aluminium and cast iron are also great choices, and they are typically finished with a bronze effect that weathers well. These statues are incredibly durable and can be placed anywhere in your garden. Metal is a popular medium for animal statues with unique features, such as wings and antlers, because they will not easily break in an accident.

Animal sculptures are our most popular garden statues and bird statues are a particular favourite. We have stone and cast metal birds ' in flight, perched, and preening ' and they're a great way to add a little life to your garden. A cute cast rabbit or hedgehog make for perfect gardening companions, and a majestic stag or lion serve as stately statuary guardians.

Traditional sculptures make another popular choice for garden statuary. You'll find depictions of children tending to your garden or reading a book, so these can make great little garden helpers. Fairy and angel sculptures are typically cast in a traditional style and hold a time-honoured place in many gardens.

Contemporary sculptures are rising in popularity among many gardeners and can give your garden a modern feel. Although they can be more unusual than a traditional sculpture, contemporary statues have a sleek look that can be especially attractive in minimalist gardens. Family is a common theme in modern sculpture, and these statues make stylish monuments for meditation.

A stone bust or classical statue will add sophistication to your outdoor sanctuary, and there is a pantheon of choices to help you find the perfect inspiration. Busts pair nicely with a plinth or pedestal for an elegant display. Busts with square bases pair best with a square plinth, and round bases with round pedestals, so be sure to check these details when you make your selection.

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