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Terracotta Garden Pots

Handmade terracotta plant pots, manufactured in a UK pottery, from English terracotta clay is a sought-after option, as the pots will be more durable, partly due to the pure refined clay used and the high firing temperatures.

The clay used in this Village Pottery collection is superior to foreign clays and so will offer a long life outdoors. Traditional styled clay wall planting pots look incredible when planted in groups, especially with the right planting scheme and can become a real focal point on a garden wall. Collections of wall mounted urn plant pots, strawberry pots, and fluted wall pots are stunning if planted with summer trailing plants or winter violas and will give years of enjoyment all year round.

Novelty terracotta plant pots are always popular, with the large tea cup, saucer and teapot planter being a firm favourite. Sets of 7 small terracotta clay herb pots are prefect for the garden, yet often are used in the kitchen on the windowsill, offering a rustic charm and a useful source for fresh herbs.

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