Fibre Clay Garden Pots

Fibre clay garden pots are a fairly new to the plat pot market, they offer a very authentic looking planter, but without the full weight of terracotta, and can be designed in a traditional manner, or a very contemporary style.

The way this works is that glass fibre is mixed with natural clay to form a very strong pot, which has the appearance of a full clay pot, yet is much lighter, and is more durable. These fibre clay plant pots often have thinner walls, due to the strength of the glass fibre mixed with the clay, and therefore allows a bigger planting area within the pot. Large durable fibre clay plant pots for feature planting are a great benefit, as the pot will be much lighter, which is perfect for moving the pot around the garden.

Sets of fibre clay plant pots in graduated sizes are on offer from the Garden Feature Company, in styles ranging from traditional urns, clay planting bowls, to sets of square plant pots, these are perfect for planting collections together on a patio. Fibre clay bowl plant pots are ideal for bulb collections, and a perfect example is the Aegean collection of pots, which once planted would look the part on a garden table or patio.

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