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Melmar Stone Planters

Melmar stone is manufactured in the UK using cast stone mixed with a high-quality resin, which is placed into handmade moulds. This stone mix formula allows for intricate detail to the planters, perfect for cherubs, swags and garlands, and acanthus plants across the planters.

Most garden designs will at some point feature garden planters, as they are easiest way to display specimen plants. Stone planters and urns often have a classical element to the design, as they are styled from original historical deigns, such as the Eaton urn. Fluted stone urns can be sited on the ground or alternatively placed on a pedestal or plinth to elevate it creating a spectacular planted feature.

Stone trough planters feature within the Melmar collection, and these are particularly useful for planting a herb or Alpine garden, as the depth for planting is perfect when adding compost and free draining grit for these types of plants thrive.

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