Garden Mirrors

Here at Internet Gardener we just love garden mirrors as they can be used in so many ways to change a view within the garden. For this season we have a larger range of both traditional and contemporary wooden outdoor mirrors to suit pretty much every garden design. The garden mirror is becoming highly coveted amongst gardening aficionados, due to their ability to give the optical illusion of additional space in your garden and if you are clever enough to place your mirror in the right place, you may be able to give off the illusion of a ‘secret garden’.

There are many styles available such as the open window outdoor mirrors to look like another room, perspective woodengarden mirrors to add an illusion of space and depth, through to the more decorative which are usually metal garden mirrors to ensure the right level of detail. These metal mirrors look great when placed behind a herbaceous border with flowers swaying in front as the ornate wirework blends with the reflected plants for an almost mesmerising view.

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