Notice of Intent to Enter Liquidation

Despite the best endeavours of our Directors and management team to find a way forwards and continue the business, unfortunately The Internet Gardener Ltd has now ceased trading.

After trading successfully for 13 years, and with over 200,000 happy customers we are sorry to announce this news which will evidently have a huge knock on effect to our dedicated staff, loyal customers and supportive trade partners. Thank you for choosing Internet Gardener since 2006.

All trade creditors will be contacted by our nominated insolvency practice within the next 3 weeks.

Should you have an outstanding order with ourselves, details and advice will be emailed to you directly within the next 5 days, in the first instance please contact your payment card provider or Paypal.

Garden Mirrors

Adding an outdoor mirror to your landscape design offers another dimension by offering reflective view of your planting, if sighted correctly. They are often hung on blank walls to give the impression of extra space, and so ideal for smaller gardens, as they provide depth of vision.

Window Style Mirrors

Window style outdoor mirrors are extremely effective as they can create the illusion of a genuine window, offering realistic imagery of your garden. These styles create an optical illusion of a real window, especially as these come with additional shutters, confirming the illusion, a great example is the Florenity collection of window mirrors.

Gothic-style Church Mirrors

Rustic church window mirrors are popular for the garden or interiors, and they can be manufactured from timber or powder coated steel. Church mirrors are sometimes referred to as Gothic or arched mirrors, and look perfect when hung on period buildings, or walled-gardens. They add a real historic appearance.

Wooden Mirrors

Wooden trellis or lattice style wooden mirrors are a popular option, they are perfect when sited on a wall or even on a wooden fence panel, and if positioned behind a planted flowerbed, the reflection will allow you to double the beauty as you will see the front and back position of the planting. Ornate decorative mirrors designed for the outdoors offer a unique antique appearance and offer an alternative style.

Acrylic or Glass Outdoor Mirrors?

Some styles come with Acrylic glass, and some with real glass and understanding the overall differences when in use is important. Acrylic glass is strong and wont shatter if knocked, and it’s about 80% lighter, and therefore much easier to hang. The reflection from these mirrors is not an absolute true reflection, as it would be with real glass. The Framemaker collection has a range of real glass outdoor mirrors, which are perfect for an absolute true reflection. These mirrors have a much harder surface and so are less likely to scratch. We recommend occasional polishing to retain the optimum reflection, otherwise you may prefer to leave it offering a rustic appearance.

Positioning an Outdoor Mirror

Positioning a mirror in a shady part of the garden has a great advantage, and it can bounce back reflected light, thus allowing light and the illusion of space to be introduced.

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