Garden Arbour Seats

Arbour seats provide the perfect relaxation seat and focal point within any garden, and they come in styles that comfortably blend into any outdoor space.

Garden arbour seats are essentially an outdoor bench or a pair of benches protected by walls and a roof, similar to a garden arch. They can be wide, tall, or small, with seats accommodating two to six people, and they can make a cosy nook in even the smallest gardens, offering much needed seating space. Corner arbour seats are a great way to make use of redundant corner space in your garden, and you can increase natural seating area easily with a single unit.

A flatback arbour seat is simply a single bench with a very tall back and an arched roof, providing great protection from the sun. The walls and roof can be made up of a more open lattice work, great for catching a breeze, or they can be made up of solid wooden panels, perfect for providing a little extra shade. Some of our flat-backed arbour seats are made to resemble a half boat garden seat and these make a stylish choice for gardens with a seaside or lakeside theme.

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