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Fleece & Polytunnels

A protective fleece or poly tunnel will help you grow your own crops with a layer of protection that's easy to move anywhere in your garden.

These low tunnels are bigger than a garden cloche and can cover multiple rows at once, allowing you to create ideal growing conditions anywhere in your garden. A grow tunnel is great for winter growing or for use on an allotment where a little extra protection is required, and they come in three main types: poly, mesh, and fleece. Haxnicks plant tunnels come in all varieties and they are a great choice for vegetable growing in your garden or allotment. They're easy to set up with a series of hoops threaded through the tunnel at intervals.

Poly tunnels are made of an opaque plastic that will create a portable greenhouse anywhere in your garden. These poly tunnels hold humidity well and are ideal for warming soil and promoting quick growth in younger plants. Mesh tunnels circulate air incredibly well. They still allow water through while protecting against aphids, carrot flies, root beetles, and other unwanted insects and pests. Fleece tunnels are a great way to get the benefits of both poly and net tunnels, and they're perfect for protecting seedlings, salads, and other vegetables. The translucent fleece provides an insulative barrier to keep warmth in and insects out, while also allowing plenty of water and sunlight to filter through.

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