Garden Plant Support

A plant support or obelisk is narrow frame or growing tower that will help your prized plants stand tall in your garden, giving them support as they grow. Not only are plant supports attractive and functional features, but training your plants to grow upward with a tall frame can help save you precious space. This means they work equally well in gardens both small and large. Most plant supports are also called obelisks as they are tall narrow frames that allow plants to climb freely upward, and they come in a wide range of styles to suit any garden.

Poppy Forge plant supports are some of most popular towers. They are constructed from solid steel right here in the UK and make a stately addition to any garden. These steel plant supports have the look of wrought iron, and each one is hand-crafted for a quality that is sure to elevate your garden's style.

Grange wooden obelisks are manufactured from pressure treated timber and come with three trellised sides, and blend naturally into any garden. These wooden plant supports measure nearly 2 meters tall, making them an ideal place for runner beans and peas to thrive.

A Haxnicks growing stand adds another level of style to your garden, with growing stands that imitate impressive landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben. These iconic climbing plant frames can help gardeners make a monumental statement by turning their climbing plants into an artistic, ornamental display. In addition to being stylish, these frames are also incredibly practical: the London Eye and tunnel frames both offer more space than a traditional obelisk for growing vines such as gourds that like to grow both up and out.

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