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Plant Frost Protection

Cold and exposed positions of your garden can be particularly vulnerable to frost, so protecting your plants with a purpose made horticultural fleece jacket will ensure the overnight cold snap does not ruin your plants.

Easy fleece jackets simply slide over the shrubs and plants to provide an insulated cover, and they can be tied into position. They are ideal for evergreen pot plants and tender shrubs. Plant covers for frost protection can be used as greenhouse fleece especially in garden buildings where there is no heating applied, as unheated greenhouses are notoriously cold in the winter. Horticultural fleece is the perfect solution. It is good to remove the plant protection in the morning, especially if the sun is shining, as generally, the plant needs the extra warmth from the morning sunshine.

If you are a keen gardener and want to grow your own plants early in spring, you may want to give them a boost by planting them in a cold frame. In the right position, these can offer ideal growing conditions for seedlings including salad crops.

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