Greenhouse Heaters

A greenhouse heating system is an essential tool for maintaining your greenhouse and protecting your plants from the cold and frost any month of the year.

Whether you want to keep your greenhouse open and operating throughout the winter or just want a little extra protection for early spring and late autumn, you'll need a gas or electric greenhouse heater to help. Greenhouse heaters measure their heat output in kW, and the bigger the space you have and the higher you need the temperature, the more kW your heater needs. If you're using your heater for frost protection only, you can use a smaller heater. Many heaters come equipped with a thermostat to help you get exactly the right temperature for your greenhouse.

A gas or propane heater is a popular choice as they produce heat quickly and without the higher cost of electricity. These heaters are ideal for use at lower thermostat settings or for greenhouses that don't have a power supply. Electric greenhouse heaters have their own appeal as they work well in areas that have their own power supply and need a little more heating. Although they can be a little more expensive to operate, they are generally more efficient for use at higher temperatures because they don't require the same constant ventilation that a gas heater will need.

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