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Gardening Gloves

Anybody who loves gardening will have an attachment to their favourite pair of gardening gloves. The fit needs to be right, whether using leather, fabric, or neoprene, so they are generally designed in separate men's and ladies' styles.

The lady gardener and the men's professional range offer great general-purpose gloves ideal for all garden tasks. They offer great dexterity when using secateurs. Dual gloves with leather palms and suede uppers provide even better protection. For even thornier garden tasks, gauntlet garden gloves protect both the hand and the arm from thorns. Ladies' and men's gauntlets are available so you can find the right fit. If you are buying gloves as a present, check our range of gardener gift sets, as these offer a selection of garden accessories such as kneel mats, garden aprons, and matching gloves.

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