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A garden wheelbarrow is the best way to move materials fast, and they're essential for landscaping, construction, and any DIY projects around the garden.

Wheelbarrows have a simple construction of a deep plastic or metal holding tray attached to a steel frame with one or two wheels in the front for easy mobility, two legs in the back for stability when parked, and two handles that making lifting and pushing a filled wheelbarrow anywhere an easy task. Most wheelbarrows have a single wheel which makes them easy to manoeuvre along narrow garden paths, but there are also duo-wheel options available for a little added stability and weight capacity.

Plastic wheelbarrows are well-suited for home use as they are light-weight when empty but have a galvanised steel frame for great stability when full. Metal wheelbarrows are sturdy and perfectly suited for moving heavy-duty materials, building supplies, and industrial equipment. Two-wheel wheelbarrows are the best choice for added stability on heavier jobs, although they can be more difficult to move around tight spaces than single-wheel wheelbarrows. Lasher wheelbarrows are another great choice for both home and industry, with durable wheelbarrows made from 100% recycled materials.

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