Garden Sprayers

A garden sprayer is an essential tool for every gardener who needs to use chemicals such as insect killers or liquid fertilisers anywhere in their garden. They're even great for use anywhere you need a targeted, pressurised flow. Most of our sprayers work with a small, easy-to-use hand pump to build pressure in the bottle, so they never run out power. There are also a few electric sprayers available for more commercial use.

Pressure sprayers are suitable for garden chemicals of all sorts, including herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and fertilisers. You can add ready-to-use chemicals directly to the bottle, or you can dilute and use powerful concentrated solutions in any sprayer. If you use a concentrate, be sure to mix only as much as you need each time, and use up any excess solution, including rinses, by spraying other areas of your garden in need of treatment.

A knapsack sprayer, also called a backpack sprayer, is a great tool for any gardener needing to spray large areas across their garden or allotment. These portable sprayers fit comfortably on your back, sharing the weight, so you can spray for longer without discomfort. They can hold up to 16 litres of sprayable liquid, eliminating the need for constant refills and heavy watering cans. A Handy knapsack sprayer a great choice for both professional and domestic gardeners, who need a little extra mobility.

A quality handheld garden sprayer is essential for use in greenhouses, conservatories, and any other indoor garden space. These smaller spray bottles are the perfect size for tending to hanging baskets and potted plants, and you can easily adjust the spray nozzle for use on any plant or potting soil.

Gardena garden sprayers are easy to use and come in a variety of sizes, from hand pumps to freestanding sprayers, and they're perfect for use in any size garden. Like most of our sprayers, they work using a manual hand pump, so they're easy to set up and use anywhere in your garden. Attach a sprayer accessory such as a weed killer cone for a more controlled application, perfect for windy conditions.

For professional and large applications of weed control or fertiliser, an Agri-Fab towed sprayer is the clear choice. You can tow most Agri-Fab pro sprayers behind a tractor or ride-on mower for applying 15 or 25 gallons of chemical solution over farms, parks, and other large land areas. These towed sprayers are powered through a 12 V battery connection making them ready for quick use, so they're an ideal time-management tool for any landscaper or landowner. It's important to ensure the chamber and tubing is thoroughly rinsed after use to avoid cross contamination of chemicals.

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