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As of September 15th 2020, the website and intellectual property of the liquidated company The Internet Gardener Ltd has been acquired by ARB and Grounds Equipment Ltd.

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Compost Bins

A compost bin is a great way to make sure nothing in your garden goes to waste, and they're easy to set up and use for making your own fertiliser all year.

Plastic compost bins are usually ready assembled, making it very easy to get started on composting. Plastic composters seal with a lid, have ventilation along the top and sides, and usually have a door at the bottom of the bin for easy access to ready-to-use fertiliser. Plastic bins typically come in blacks or dark greens which not only makes them blend into your garden but also helps them absorb sunlight to help your compost decompose quickly. They come in sizes from 220 litres up to 600 litres that will accommodate any size garden or allotment.

Wooden compost bins are a popular choice for a natural look that blends into any garden space. These bins are naturally well-ventilated and can have quite a large capacity with bins from 250 litres to 800 litres. Wooden composters are easy to assemble with timber pieces that slot together without the need for hammer and nails. Many of our wooden compost bins have covers attached, but you can use a waterproof compost cover to help open air bins better retain warmth and moisture.

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