Nora Work Boots

Nora work boots are specialist boots designed for people working in a variety of different industries and need to wear footwear that meets the industry standards in terms of grip, resistances to substances and anti-static technology. Nora boots all come without lining for easy cleaning and drying, meaning you don't ever need to worry about your boots being wet after cleaning them because the lack of porous material means that all moisture can be removed with the dab of a towel.

No matter what kind of factory or farm you are going to, Nora have a work boot for the situation. The Nora Dolomite, for example is excellent for agricultural and forestry use thanks to its grip and resistance to manure and fertilisers. Nora also have a great looking white wellington boot in the Nora Supermax which is not only functional but especially stylish due to the lack of white wellies on the market.

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