Grubs Boots For Men

Having looked at many different brands, we are certain the overall range of Mens Grubs Boots is the best on the market. When selecting a boot, the first decision has to be 'will the sole provide the grip required on the surface I generally walk on'. With Grubs there are a wide range of sole patterns to suit every surface.
We have our exclusive Grubs Fieldline range, along with the Treeline, Stalking and Snowline boots, all with Vibram soles, high level of rubber protection and insulation, making them perfect as a field boot for farmers and vets, but equally suitable for dog walking in cold and extreme cold conditions. We then offer the Frostline & Frostline Sport boots. These incorporate the popular TRAX sole and Hexzorb heel shock absorber for extra comfort. There are two other soles that provide excellent grip on most surfaces, the TREDZ sole used on the Fenline and Ceramic Safety Boot. The other sole being the TRAK sole used on the Grubs Tayline Boot. This has a distinctive tread pattern similar to that of a tractor tyre, with deep angled cleats that reduce clogging. We then have the specialist boots. The Rideline, with prominent heel detail, the Ptarmagan laced ankle length walking boot with Vibram sole, the Midline short boot designed for comfort when kneeling in the garden. Then we have the Grubs Woodline insulated slip on shoe which is ideal to keep near the rear door and slip on when you go into the garden or garage, what more could you want in a mens Grubs Boot.
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