Garden Strimmers & Line Trimmers

Garden strimmers or line trimmers are the best way to tidy up overgrown grass along the edge of your garden and put the finishing touches on your lawn.

Handheld strimmers cut through grass in hard-to-reach places with ease. They use a replaceable nylon cord that rotates at high speeds at the end of a long shaft, giving you omnidirectional control. They come in petrol, electric, and battery-operated cordless models to suit British gardens of every size. They're ideal for border trimming and edging along pathways, fencing, hedges, and landscaping features that a lawn mower cannot reach or would easily damage. Most strimmers for sale can handle some light woody vegetation, but you would need a brush cutter for more heavy-duty trimming.

Wheeled strimmers are more suited for groundsman or professional landscapers with a lot of distance to cover. They come with a rotating cord or blade attached to a wheeled base for easier manoeuvrability, but this does limit their use on hilly or rocky terrain where a handheld model will be better. The rotating parts of line trimmers operate safely away from hands and feet, but they can kick up some debris, so we recommend wearing long sleeves and eye protection during use.

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