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Once you’ve finished pruning and clipping in the garden a Handy Shredder really is worth its weight in gold. Handy garden machinery

are one of the UKs leading machinery brands and have demonstrated years of success in developing garden equipment perfect for the domestic and commercial gardeners and landscapers.

Their expertly designed Impact shredder is the perfect example and is ideal for most domestic gardens. It’s fitted with a blade that spins at a very high frequency, which easily cuts through reasonably dry, yet soft stemmed garden debris, up to 45mm in diameter. Impact designs can sometimes be referred to as rotary shredders.

Within the Handy collection is a robust 6.5HP Petrol Chipper and impact Shredder model, which has a Briggs and Stratton engine, which is a renowned quality motor in garden machinery. This is best suited for large volumes of garden waste shredding and includes wheels so that you can take it to the working location. Landscape gardeners prefer this option generally, as the petrol motor allows the gardener to work away from a power supply. As the name chipper name implies, the debris from this style is much courser than the electric versions but is designed to deal with a larger volume of garden debris, as it can shred up to 1500 kg per hour.

Silent shredders work in a totally different way, they work on a gearing mechanism, providing a high force and greater torque, so ideal for woody garden debris like hawthorn, old rose wood, tree cuttings and woody shrubs. These designs are sometimes referred to as a crushing or a quiet shredder.

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