Garden Shredders

Garden shredders are the best way to manage trimmings from hedges and trees, and new innovations make them easy to use even in small British gardens.

Small shredders are perfect for reducing most garden clippings to useful mulch that can be reused in plant beds. Larger chippers are designed with trees in mind, offering an easy to way clean up after trimming big branches. They work using sharp rotating blades or gears that break down woody material and other plant waste into useful chips and mulch, and the waste is more compact for easy disposal.

Silent shredders use a special slow-grinding mechanism that indirectly breaks up woody waste. Combined with electric power, this offers quieter operation than other models and is preferred among domestic gardeners. Bosch and Cobra shredders are popular in the UK for their compact storage size and easy operation. Impact shredders and chippers have a heavy-duty design with a fast blade that will cut branches quickly as you feed them directly into the safety hopper. These are a great option for big gardens and professional landscapers, and they are available in electric and petrol options for diverse power and mobility. Eliet and Mighty Mac chippers have a range of chippers including larger commercial models that can easily handle wooden waste up to 80mm in diameter.

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