Garden Sack Trucks

Sack trucks are useful in the garden for moving everything from heavy garden pots and planters to large bags of fertilizer and other landscaping materials.

Sack trucks are a best friend to gardeners who don't have the strength to lift and carry heavy objects, and they allow anyone to work at their own leisure without requiring help from others. They are great time and energy savers even for domestic gardeners and professional landscapers for a variety of outdoor projects and chores. These hand trucks are also ideal for house removals, and they can easily move heavy furniture and kitchen appliances up and down stairs and onto vans.

Sack trucks are especially popular for outdoor summer festivals in the UK where you can expect to roll camping supplies through uneven grassy areas. They're perfect for pulling or pushing heavy bags, coolers full of beer, and luggage with wheels that could be damaged on rough terrain. Some models allow you to stack up to 250kg of boxes and trunks, and the pneumatic tyres prevent you from getting bogged down during unexpected rainfall and muddy conditions. Folding and collapsible sack trucks are a great option when storage space is limited.

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