Log Splitters

Log Splitters make the job of splitting firewood into manageable sizes simple and effortless. They are available as petrol or electric versions and they all work on the principles of hydraulics.

The important points to consider when purchasing a log splitter is the power type, the log splitting length and width that is required, the splitting force, and if you need a vertical or horizontal version. Electric Log splitters are mostly used in the domestic market. However, within the Handy range there is a heavy duty petrol splitter available, ideal for anyone who frequently needs to produce fire logs, and it comes with a 7-ton splitting force.

A manual log splitter is another option, which is incredibly easy to use despite being manual. It is operated only with a hydraulic foot pump, and it can be transported to any site where the logs are felled. Once the logs have been split, they will then need to be seasoned before burning, the best way to do this is to store them in a log store, as these allow air to the logs whilst keeping the timber dry. Over a short time, the firewood will be perfect for burning in wood burning stoves and open fires, offering optimum heat output.

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