Billy Goat Blowers & Vacs

If you need to sweep or vacuum large areas outdoors, then a petrol-powered Billy Goat wheeled vacuum might be just what you need.

They are built to sweep substantial areas, either hard surfaces or lawns, and they are ideal for raking up leaves and litter from paths. Cleaning up after an large event is made easy with the commercial range, offering self-propelled walk behind models designed for litter, lose debris, and even cans. Where compacted leaves cause a health and safety issue, such as school playgrounds, tennis courts, or sports grounds, these professional machines are invaluable due to the speed and high level of clearing. The petrol push blower is another option within the Billy Goat collection, as its high-power action is designed to move debris fast without the need to collect. This is another option for clearing playgrounds, pavements, and sportsgrounds effectively and speedily.

The most popular domestic version is the Little Billy Goat push model, as this is designed for sweeping lawns, drives, and even gravelled areas of the garden. A hand-held blower vac with a space saving mulching and collection system is also be a good option for domestic use.

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