Lawn Spreaders

A lawn spreader will make light work of distributing seed, fertilizers, or weed killer in your garden or out on your allotment, and they're easy to push or tow.

This useful garden machinery comes in two styles that spread granular particles in different ways, useful for different tasks. Broadcast spreaders distribute product in an arc to the front and sides of the hopper, and they cover wide areas quickly. These are ideal for wide outdoor spaces where a lot of work is needed. Drop spreaders allow for a more controlled spread between the wheels, and this type is better for fertilising narrow garden beds and salting pavements. The high-quality parts are non-corrosive, so you can spread a wide variety of substances including salt, fertiliser, grit, seed, and weed killer.

Most spreaders are manually operated using the power of the wheels to operate the hopper mechanism, and they can be pushed or pulled easily. Handy spreaders have capacities up to 56kg and offer smaller 26kg options that are great for domestic gardens. Some towable spreaders from Handy and Agri-Fab are easy to attach to a tractor, so they're perfect for groundsmen and commercial lawns. Billy Goat manufactures petrol-powered drop spreaders that ensure an even distribution of product, and they're popular with professional landscapers.

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