Lawn Scarifiers & Rakes

A lawn scarifier is a specialised garden rake that will dethatch your lawn and prepare it for grass growing season, ensuring a healthy look for your garden.

Scarifiers work using sharp blades that rake through your grass, pulling out moss, thatch, and decaying plant matter that chokes the grass. Dethatching your lawn before planting new seeds each year ensures you will have the lushest natural carpet for garden. The same work would take much longer with a handheld garden rake and require a lot more manpower and force to remove unwanted vegetation effectively. An electric rake from trusted brands like Flymo and Bosch can do the job quickly and accurately, giving you more time to relax.

The compact electric models are more suitable for domestic use and have an adequate collection capacity for home gardens. There are also petrol models available from Cobra and Webb that are preferred among professional landscapers for their power and mobility, but they work the same way. Towable rakes are available from Agri-Fab for scarifying large areas with taller grass, quickly removing thatch. They're easy to attach to a tractor or ride on mower with a simple hitch pin.

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