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Lawn Rollers

A lawn roller is the best way to smooth out irregular grass in the garden and give your pristine lawn a finishing touch with the signature stripe look.

Lawn rollers are ideal for use in gardens that are generally flat to help even out grass with variable lengths. A heavy garden roller can help to harden up the top 1-2 inches of soil, getting rid of bumps and hollows that can be unattractive and bad for your grass. They are typically made from durable metals or plastic polymers to give them a perfectly smooth rounded surface and then filled with sand or water to the right weight. Small rollers around 20 inches wide are the perfect size for domestic gardens, and they can be pushed or pulled more easily. Larger rollers up to 4 feet wide come with a tow handle that can be attached behind a tractor making them better for commercial landscapers and groundsmen.

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