Garden Lawn Aerators

Garden lawn aerators are essential garden machinery for keeping your lawn looking its best, and it's good to aerate your garden in the spring or autumn before summer growth and wet British winters.

Aerators work by pushing air into the soil, allowing for adequate rain and water drainage. This encourages healthy grass growth and prevents moss and harmful bacteria from spreading into your lawn. Different styles offer a range of benefits, so you can easily shop for the best deal for your lawn. Hollow tine aerators have plugs that push into the grass and pull out soil for easy disposal, making them ideal for domestic gardens. Spiked models push extra space into the ground, and these offer a good value for larger fields.

Most models for sale are manually operated, and a handheld aerator is adequate for most gardens in the UK. Towable aerators can be attached to a tractor, and they are the best choice for professional landscapers. Agri-Fab lawn aerators in stock feature new heat-treated curved spikes that make short work of wide grassy areas. You'll want to buy one of these towable options for commercial use. Handy lawn aerators are an affordable way to keep your garden and allotment green.

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