Garden Cultivators & Tillers

Garden cultivators, tillers, and rotavators are used to turn over the ground for landscaping, allotment gardening, new build DIY, and a range of projects where your garden soil needs to be improved prior to planting.

Tillers use special spiked or hollow tines that break up to 8 inches of topsoil. Shop for this useful garden machinery to help prepare your garden in autumn and spring. Front-tine tillers are ideal for medium gardens or allotments where the ground is firm but not completely solid. This style tends to be smaller in size and is easier to manoeuvre, and you'll find a good stock ready for most British gardens. Rear-tine tillers are a more professional tool for breaking up hard or rocky earth over a larger area. They are a good deal more powerful and heavier, but this extra weight provides the best value when you need to loosen harder ground.

Petrol tillers are regularly spotted in gardens across the UK and are the ideal solution for larger veg beds and even small commercial plots. Electric cultivators are an affordable and clean choice for tilling soil in small domestic gardens close to mains power. Cordless tillers for sale today have high-quality lithium-ion batteries, so they're good to buy if you have an allotment, far from mains power.

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