Garden Brush Cutters

A garden brush cutter is a garden trimming tool that uses a rotating circular blade attached to a long handle for cutting thick brush low to the ground.

Like line trimmers, they're easy to manoeuvre along hillsides and banks where mowers may struggle. The sharp metal blade is well-suited to tidying up brush on domestic lawns. They're the only way to deal with certain woody weeds and brush, common in gardens across the UK. Buy a bike-handle brush cutter for better control over wide, flat fields full of dense grasses where more heavy-duty work is required.

Like other garden machinery for sale, these tools come in a variety of power options, so you can shop for the best style to suit your needs. Petrol brush cutters are an essential tool for commercial and professional landscaping projects, but they can be just as useful in big gardens with a lot of gnarled vegetation to tend. Electric brush cutters are a good choice for most British gardens, and these low-maintenance tools offer great value and quality. Cordless brush cutters powered with long-lasting lithium-ion batteries have become more affordable, and they combine the mobility of petrol with the clean energy of electricity.

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