Garden Workbenches & Shelving

A workbench or shelving unit is essential for keeping your garden shed or outdoor workshop organised and making any outdoor storage space more efficient.

Our shelves from Storage Solutions work great in garages too, and they come in several heights with various weight-bearing capacities to help you find exactly the right one. They're easy to set up and move into place, and the solid steel construction ensures stability. Galvanised and powder-coated steel give these shelves a hard-wearing finish. A shorter two-tier or three-tier shelf easily doubles as a workbench for DIY enthusiasts who need a place for table-top projects. These shelves also work great in smaller spaces or underneath hanging storage.

A tall four-tier or five-tier shelf works well to tidy up sheds of almost any size. Some units have fixed shelves, but many of them come with adjustable shelves for even further customisation. Light-duty shelves are ideal for stowing bulky items such as cushions and watering cans, while heavy-duty shelves made with steel frames and chipboard surfaces are well-suited for storing potting soil, animal feed, and heavy toolboxes that need to be kept off the ground. Medium-duty or standard-duty shelves will be suitable for most of your storage needs, but be sure to check the weight-bearing capacity for each unit.

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