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As of September 15th 2020, the website and intellectual property of the liquidated company The Internet Gardener Ltd has been acquired by ARB and Grounds Equipment Ltd.

Please check back soon to see how things are progressing as we get things back up and running.

Tool Stores

Garden Tool Stores are an essential addition for any keen gardener or busy family. Coming in a range of sizes, they provide secure storage space to keep your tools out of sight and out of the elements.

Tool stores can be positioned anywhere you like - out of sight of prying eyes in a secure location. Metal sheds provide an extra level of security for any high value garden machinery or tour-de-France winning 8-gear beauty. The Asgard collection provide attack-resistant items, some of which can even be bolted to the floor to prevent them being carried away. Plastic is a good half-way point, with a sturdy build and lockable doors. Regardless of the material type, the security benefits of locking away tools or equipment can't be overemphasised.

The variety of garden tool stores on offer means any garden can benefit from the added storage and protection they provide. The wooden stores have the biggest variety - from waist-height storage chests to the taller stores similar to garden sheds. Apex or pent style roofs, overlap or tongue and groove. They can be placed up against walls or standalone, the treatment of the wood ensures their durability wherever they're placed. Also, because the wood can be treated with different products, it gives some flexibility on the colour-front. Colour options are available for the metal and plastic options, but the wooden stores really stand apart visually.

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