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No matter how big or small your garden, a shed can be essential for organising your outdoor space and keeping your machinery and tools secure.

There are many different types based on how you will use it, how it will fit in your garden, how big the door needs to be, and even what kind of roof is best. Apex sheds have a taller section down the middle, whereas a pent roofed design has just one taller side. Heavy-duty security sheds are often needed on allotments, where valuable tools and garden equipment is stored away from home. Potting sheds with extra windows allow for light to stream in, perfect for planting and growing alongside your storage space.

Wooden sheds vary in their cladding and offer different benefits depending on which type you buy. Overlap construction is an inexpensive option that protects from the rain and has a rough sawn appearance. Tongue and groove or shiplap sheds offer additional strength, and with interlocking smooth-planed timbers. Plastic sheds are another option, and these are made using reinforced polycarbonate or plastic, making them durable and maintenance free. Steel construction is perfect if you are seeking a watertight garden building. They are ideal for high-value items or animal feed, as once the doors are closed, they are secure from the elements and vermin.

Smaller garden storage units like tool stores are also available, and they are ideal for areas where outdoor space is limited but when you have things that are best stored outside the home.

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