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Garages & Carports

Store away your car in shelter during the harsher seasons with our selection of garages and carports that feature robust foundations built to last.

Garages provide optimum shelter as they include solid walls, doors, and windows allowing you to store other gardening accessories. Carports feature wide entry ways with units big enough to fit 1 large car and others fitting a maximum of 2 vehicles, perfect for families. They have strong and durable metal or wooden frames that can withstand harsh weather environments and are coated or laminated to prevent rusting and prolong its life.

Garages and carports with apex roofs are popular in the UK, and they are traditionally styled and shaped, so rain water can disperse to the sides and away from your car. Curved roofing serves a similar purpose but instead features a more modern layout. Clear panels provide protection from harmful UV rays and are less likely to turn yellow from sunlight.

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