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Smoker BBQs

Charcoal and wood smoker BBQs have become popular as more BBQ chefs are enjoying the delights of smoking food. Smoking salmon, hams, and bacon are the easiest way to start your smoking food experience.

You have the choice of woodchip smoking on wood or charcoal or even gas. Offset smokers are the classic styled smoker BBQ, often with side fireboxes. Examples of these are the Char-Griller, Char- broil, and Landman ranges. Vertical smokers are another option, with the Callow gourmet smoker offering a great entry level. It is a versatile BBQ with multiple shelves and hanging racks, ideal for hosting barbecues with hams, bacon, or even fish. Smoker boxes can always be added to traditional gas BBQs, which can be filled with woodchips to add extra flavour, a great introduction to smoking food.

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