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Beefeater BUGG Beefeater Barbecues & Outdoor Kitchens

If you are looking for a portable 2-burner hooded BBQ that has a small footprint then the Beefeater BUGG may be the gas BBQ of choice. With a cumulation of 25 years of experience in barbecue design, this range offers several advanced features rarely seen on compact gas grills.

A great advantage with the amber BUGG is the porcelain coated cooking hood and thermometer, which combined with the two burners, offers great cooking performance to match even that of a larger trolley BBQ. It is even capable of cooking a small turkey. The dual porcelain-coated grill and griddle plates allow for extra flexibility, perfect for cooking breakfast, griddling prawns or pancakes or simply searing a steak. The Beefeater BUGG portable range offers extra styles, either with or without a trolley. The double sized BIGG BUGG is perfect for party cooking and can simply be packed away when not in use.

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