Beefeater Artisan Beefeater Barbecues & Outdoor Kitchens

With a Beefeater Artisan you can create a full outdoor kitchen island complete with a fridge and sink module by simply clicking the sections together. This makes the Artisan outdoor kitchen one of the easiest and quickest to set up in the UK market.

Aside from the speed of set up, the design and build quality of this Beefeater range is in a league of its own. The corner and linear kitchen models include outdoor cabinets, composite granite worktops, stainless steel cupboards, and even an outdoor IP-rated fridge - everything you need for barbecue anytime. The weatherproof aluminium modular cabinets are also available individually.

The easy-build aluminium sub frame is finished in a durable sprayed effect to look like grey rendered stone, perfect for even the most modern of gardens. Should you wish to change the colour, these panels can even be painted to suit your individual garden design. Once you have your kitchen configuration, select the built-in BBQ head. The Beefeater Artisan system is designed to fit either the 4-burner Signature grill heads. You can even opt for a Proline model, with a choice of roasting hood or flat top like a true Australian.

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