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Plancha Grills

Cooking on a plancha gas grill is a common method of cooking in Spain, and it allows you to sear food at high temperatures without a direct flame.

The whole grill is essentially a thick iron plate that heats up from a burner beneath the plate, fuelled by a bottled gas supply. Plancha cooking at high temperatures is renowned for producing healthy BBQ food as any grease is instantly removed into the drip tray below. They are also perfect for cooking small, finely chopped food that would slip through other grills. The temperature can be easily controlled using the knobs on the front, and the direct contact of the heat source under high temperature settings allows you cook any variety of meat or veg in minutes.

Omelettes and pancakes are so successful when cooked on a plancha, and often you see them used in commercial catering for this purpose. They are simple to clean with just hot water. A plancha is often used alongside a conventional gas or charcoal BBQ to expand the chef's repertoire.

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