Notice of Intent to Enter Liquidation

Despite the best endeavours of our Directors and management team to find a way forwards and continue the business, unfortunately The Internet Gardener Ltd has now ceased trading.

After trading successfully for 13 years, and with over 200,000 happy customers we are sorry to announce this news which will evidently have a huge knock on effect to our dedicated staff, loyal customers and supportive trade partners. Thank you for choosing Internet Gardener since 2006.

All trade creditors will be contacted by our nominated insolvency practice within the next 3 weeks.

Should you have an outstanding order with ourselves, details and advice will be emailed to you directly within the next 5 days, in the first instance please contact your payment card provider or Paypal.

Buschbeck Masonry BBQs

Buschbeck masonry BBQs are German-made charcoal and wood-fired outdoor ovens, perfect for authentic open-flame cooking in the garden.

Buschbeck BBQs are frost resistant and never require treatment or painting, so they are ideal for all-year use in UK gardens. The high-quality masonry holds and radiates heat efficiently, and these BBQs also double as an outdoor fireplace. Some Bushbeck models come with a double-wall construction allowing you to burn different fuel types to generate the maximum heat. You can burn wood logs, charcoal, lump wood, or briquettes, and you can even slot in a gas burner kit for instant cooking and heat.

These Spanish-style stone BBQs are the most common style in the Mediterranean, and they're available in pre-finished colours, mostly earth tones, to match any garden style. Bushbeck uses several different ventilation styles including stone chimneys, stainless steel chimneys, and even masonry grill bars with no chimney. Plinths can be added to raise the cooking area to suit taller people. These concrete masonry BBQs are so durable, they are frequently a BBQ of choice for commercial bars, restaurants, or hotels where a permanent outdoor BBQ is required.

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