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Beefeater Gas Trolley Barbecues

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A gas bbq on a trolley with size burner options are a true example of Australian barbecuing, and Beefeater designs are built around years of grilling experience, featuring a simple trolley design across the entire range from small 3-burner options to the premium signature cabinet BBQ.

The key features of the Beefeater range are the power of the burners, the intuitive flame tamer design, and the superior quality cooking grills made from porcelain-coated cast iron or 304-grade stainless steel. The Discovery range BBQs are great options for small families and serious BBQ enthusiasts alike. Beefeater Signature represent the best of outdoor cooking, and these multi-burner BBQs come complete with cabinets and side burners. The Beefeater Clubman range includes top-of-the-line commercial BBQs designed for performance, durability, and volume.

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