Gas BBQs - Page 3

Gas BBQs are staple fixtures in British gardens, and they come in a wide range of sizes and styles that allow small families to big restauranteurs alike to enjoy the convenience and taste of hot, fresh food right from the grill.

A gas BBQ is easy to use and maintain, providing the perfect flame with a simple turn of a knob. These grills sit atop a trolley for better access and mobility, and some cabinet BBQs offer easy storage for gas and outdoor cooking tools. Every trolley BBQ includes a hood for the best temperature control and insulation, meaning you can enjoy gas barbecue, roasting, and rotisserie all year, even on cold, rainy days. Dual-fuel BBQs use both charcoal and gas and give you the option for that signature smoky flavour.

Gas BBQs for sale range from compact single-burner grills to large, commercial ready units with up to 6 burners, perfect for catering and parties. The 3-burner option is a favourite, mixing family-size capacity with industrial-quality cooking. Beefeater is the most popular gas option, and part of their range includes built-in grills to give a fully integrated outdoor cooking experience. Outback and Grillstream are also popular gas BBQ choices, and you'll find a mix of other brands that will suit any garden dining needs.

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