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Landmann Charcoal BBQs

Landmann charcoal BBQs offer a variety of charcoal grills including kettle style, compact portable models, and pedestal BBQs perfect for patio entertaining.

Landmann BBQs come with useful features, such as simple-to-use adjustable charcoal plates that allows hot charcoals to be lowered during cooking. The Tennessee broiler is a perfect example, and the adjustable height allows for reduced charring due to excessive heat from the coal. Landmann party-sized BBQs such as the charcoal grill chef has dual perforated charcoal plates that allows you to cook side by side at different temperatures. Pedestal charcoal BBQs are popular, especially the compact stainless-steel version, and it's the perfect size to cook for 4 people.

Landmann was one of the first companies to introduce the charcoal offset smoker BBQ, which is essentially a BBQ with an additional built-in smoker chamber, offering more variety for your BBQ menu. Models like the Kentucky smoker are large enough to smoke salmon and hams and can easily cook for 10 people. Landmann are a German company that has been supplying the UK for several years, and they offer a great after sales service.

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