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Charcoal Kettle BBQs

Traditional charcoal kettle BBQs have been a favourite for many years, mainly due to their diversity of cooking styles, and they are ideal for charcoal grill cooking with the lid off or for convection oven cooking with the lid closed.

Compact kettle BBQs are ideal for small outdoor spaces or for BBQ picnics in the park or on the beach. Smoker chips can be added, converting these kettles into smoker barbecues, so they can be used to cook just about anything. The Danish manufacturer Dancook make some of the best kettle BBQs built from marine-quality 304-grade stainless steel and can vary in size from small table top charcoal grills with short tripod legs to large kettles inset into a BBQ preparation worktop. The German manufacturer Landmann offer the black pearle kettle BBQ, which fits onto a wheeled stand, so it can easily be packed away when the BBQ cooking has ended.

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