Built in BBQs

Built-in BBQs, grill heads, and other kitchen components allow you to create your own bespoke outdoor kitchen in a configuration that's perfectly integrated into your garden for all your outdoor cooking needs.

Integrated BBQs can be installed easily atop trolleys or outdoor cabinets using brackets to secure the components in place. Different styles accommodate families, parties, and commercial cooking operations. Shop for the size you need, from single burner to 6-burner built-in units. Beefeater built-in BBQs all feature high-quality materials including stainless steel roasting hoods and cast-iron grills. Beefeater brings Australian style BBQ to the UK, and quality is guaranteed with a warrantee that covers up to 10 years on some parts.

In addition to built-in grill heads, there are side burners, barbecue cupboards, outdoor sinks, and refrigerators for sale that can be ordered together for a full outdoor kitchen. You can also buy individual components to put together a custom garden kitchen to fit your unique outdoor space. Stainless steel cabinets and drawers install easily into custom-built kitchens, and some component sections work well as standalone units for small set ups. Outdoor fridges are especially popular, and they're rated to keep food and drinks cold even on the hottest summer days.

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