Outback BBQ Tools and Accessories

Outback BBQ Tools and Accessories range from kebab racks to sausage grills, featuring stainless steel quality and design that compliment any outdoor grill.

The long-handled spatulas, tongs, and forks are essential tools for outdoor cooking and barbecue, and the entire Outback tool collection is simple to use and easy to wash afterwards. The battery-powered rotating spit is designed to be used with the Signature 4 or 6-burner gas BBQs and are simple to fit with a bolt and bracket system. This Outback rotisserie does all the work for you, cooking food evenly and allowing you extra time to relax and enjoy your outdoor party. Wok cooking on a BBQ is popular for preparing Asian dishes outdoors, and Outback's stainless steel perforated wok and heavy-duty steel wok are both great options.

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