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Air Pot 150L Potato Planter - x 2

Air Pots are the revolutionary method of growing tree's, shrubs and vegetables Potato Planter tower is been tested to give larger yeilds than tradi...more

Air Pots are the revolutionary method of growing tree's, shrubs and vegetables. The Air Pot Potato Planter tower has been tested to give larger yeilds than traditional potato planters. As the roots push their way through the holes they dry out and cause more root growth. This then increases the amount of potatoes yealed , giving a more abundant harvest.

Key Features of Air Pot Potato Planters:

  • Made from 100% Recycled Plastic
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • 150L Air-Pot - Ideal for growing large potato harvests-
  • Pot Size: 150 Litre
  • Diameter: 620mm
  • Height: 500mm
  • Quantity Included: 2
  • Graduated markers on the sides - where the cones are closed, indicating how much soil to use at the beginning and then how much to add as the vines grow up.
  • Please note: Base is not included as the larger Air Pots are designed to be placed directly on soil or lawns etc.

How Do Air-Pots Work:

Air-Pots have unusual cuspated walls made up of closed inward pointing cones and open ended outward pointing cones. These are no flat surfaces which deflects the roots and start the smiralling process.

The inward pointing cones direct the roots further outward to the open ended cones where, because the air density in the soil is too great, theroots dehydrate and are effectively prunes.

The plant responds to this 'air pruning' by sendin gout more rots to compensate for the loss which leads to a dense root system with a vast number off active white tipped roots.

Growing Guide:


Plant between 3 and 5 seed potatoes, depending on the size of Potato tower you are using and of course, the variety, in a layer of your own special soil mix.

Potatoes tend to do better in a slightly heavier mix so if you can get hold of some topsoil, loam or say a pre packaged John Innes, we would suggest using the Air-Pot growing mix with between 10 and 20% of the loam mixed in.

Incorporate compost and or manure as well and fill up to the first layer guide. This is about 100mm (4") from the bottom of your potato tower.

As the potato vines grow up, add more of your special soil mix in layers of 100mm (4") leaving just the tip of the vine exposed. In other words when the vines have grown 5", add 4" of soil or compost. Repeat until the Tower is completely full.

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