Palram Harmony Aluminium Greenhouse 6 x 14' Silver

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Palram Harmony Aluminium Greenhouse 6 x 14' Silver

In this Palram Harmony Aluminium Greenhouse 6 x 14' the large space allows you to grow many different types of plants all year from fruit, vegetables to spring bulbs. This greenhouse ensures a safe haven for your young plants to grow healthily in such a nourishing environment. The crystal clear polycarbonate panels are virtually unbreakable and block 100% of harmful UV rays, protecting your plants and equipment inside this Harmony greenhouse. The panels are placed over a strong powder coated aluminium frame that sits comfortably on the galvanised steel frame providing stability no matter what the weather.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: (H) 208cm x (W) 185cm x (D) 430cm
  • Over 90% light transmission
  • 100% UV protected panels – doesn’t become yellow
  • Blocks 100% harmful UV rays to protect inner equipment
  • High headroom and eaves for improved working space
  • Maintenance free Includes dual rain gutter & gutter heads for water collection
  • Vent window included for air circulation to balance humidity and temperatures. providing great ventilation for all-season weather
  • Illustrated step-by-step assembly instructions for clear installation process
  • Compact light weight packaging to reduce transportation costs
  • Lockable door handle
  • Sliding panel assembly system
  • Sturdy aluminium frame for long lasting durability
  • Gutter and gutter heads included
  • Virtually unbreakable crystal clear panels
  • Galvanised steel base and magnetic door catch included
  • 5 year limited warranty 

Optional Extras:

  • Silver Side Louvre
  • Trellising Kit
  • Drip Irrigation Kit
  • Greenhouse Anchoring Kit
  • Greenhouse Shade Kit
  • Heavy Duty Shelf Kit
  • Twin Shelf Kit
  • Automatic Vent Opener
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Palram Harmony Aluminium Greenhouse 6 x 14' Silver


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