Maze Soundscene3 Solo Wireless Outdoor Speaker System

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Maze Soundscene3 Solo Wireless Outdoor Speaker System

This Maze Soundscene3 Solo Wireless Outdoor Speaker System is a fantastic accessory for the garden whether your relaxing with friends or hosting a busy garden BBQ. Up to 8 speakers can be connected together to create a bespoke sound network and the volume can be adjusted individually to create the perfect level of sound in each area of the garden or lounge. As the speaker is weatherproof, they can be safely left next to pools or drinks and will not be affected by any spillages or light showers or rain. The Bluetooth technology allows music to be easily streamed from a  mobile or tablet and has a AUX cable at the back to connect different devices such as iPods to allow for up to 8 hours of continuous music play. The Maze Soundscene3 Solo Wireless Outdoor Speaker System is an elegant speakers which can be used both outside or indoors and each individual speaker has its own connection to allow multiple people to listen to different music in different rooms creating the perfect sound system for many years of entertainment.

Product Details

  • Wireless speakers to allow music to be streamed from a Smartphone or tablet to enjoy music outdoors or inside
  • Up to 8 SoundScene speakers can be connected together, up to 30 metres apart (100 ft) to create a large sound network, perfect for garden parties
  • Each speaker is a transmitter and receiver - total flexibility to move speakers around as you wish
  • Splash proof and weather proof with a tough silicon base - can withstand rain showers and temperamental weather
  • Each speaker produces 270 degrees of sound and volume can be controlled individually for a balanced sound and comfortable listening level
  • Up to 8 hours of wireless music and over 250 tracks from one charge
  • Bluetooth 2.0 wireless technology for instant streaming or use the AUX at the back of the speaker for older devices (such as iPods)
  • Duo drivers plus passive - combine 20W stereo sound
  • Can be used in gardens, open place spaces, living rooms, on patios, when camping or even in the shower or bathroom!
  • One touch pairing with NFC (Near Field Communication - wireless data transfer)
  • Each speaker can be connected to a different device - one person can listen to their music outside while another person can listen to different music upstairs
  • Quick and simple to set up
  • Elegant, contemporary design - perfect for use indoors and outdoor
  • Full 12 month manufacturers guarantee
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Maze Soundscene3 Solo Wireless Outdoor Speaker System


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